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mar 25

Speaking: Gestão de Containers com Azure Container Services

On March 25th, 2017, I proudly delivered the lecture “Gestão de Containers com Azure Container Services”, or Managing Containers with Azure Container Services, during the MVP Community Extra Day, an entire day dedicated to discuss technology with Microsoft technical community. The lecture presented the fundamentals of containers, discussing Linux and Windows, the new features for …

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jul 06

Speaking: Desenvolvimento de soluções com Xamarin

I was honored to be invited to Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in São Paulo to present Mobile DevOps and Xamarin. This presentation was performed in partnership with Alexandre Chohfi. He presented the first steps to develop Xamarin Apps using Visual Studio. Next, I proudly presented how to enable DevOps using Team Services to automate the …

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jun 11

Speaking: DevOps: Escalando ambientes de DevTest

I was honored to deliver a lecture on Visual Studio Summit about How to Escalate DevTest Environment using DevOps techniques on Azure. This lecture was delivered in two time spots with full house as IT Pros and developers got excited with the benefits that Azure offers to enable the journey to the cloud. I started …

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maio 21

Speaking: O que é computação em nuvem

On May 21st, I proudly delivered a lecture about Cloud Computing for a group of students on CIEE Symposium, a large event organized to help students to start their career and find correct internship program. The lecture discussed the job opportunities that cloud computing brings to start a career, mainly on development and cognitive services. …

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maio 07

Speaking: Como Gerenciar Containers Docker com Operations Management Suite

I was honored to participated on the DevOps Summit 2016 with the lecture How the Manage Containers Docker with Operation Management Suite. The lecture presented fundamentals of container and Operation Management Suite capabilities to manage containers, with a deep dive on the characteristics of Docker host and Docker container, and how it integrates with OMS. …

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abr 30

Speaking: Capacidades do Visual Studio para desenvolvimento mobile

I proudly participated on OneDay Baixada in Santos (SP), an event that joint technology specialists and students to discuss Microsoft technology. I presented the benefits of use Visual Studio to develop Apps and how to enable the DevOps cycle on App development. The attendants were very participative, and we close the lecture with a Q&A. …

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abr 16

Speaking: Global Azure Bootcamp: Como utilizar o Visual Studio para provisionar recursos no Azure

I was honored to participate on the Global Azure Bootcamp in São José dos Campos (SP) to deliver a lecture about How to Use Visual Studio to Provision Resources on Azure. The attendants were very excited on the features Visual Studio offers to help them on the journey to the cloud. I presented how to …

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